The Victor Valley is located along the path of the legendary Route 66 at the edge of the highly elevated Mojave Desert connecting the path between Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

The Victor Valley remains a modestly sized suburban community of about 400,000 people living in an area of roughly 350 square miles. There is very little smog that is able to make it's way here from Los Angeles, due to the barrier formed by the San Gabriel and San Bernadino Mountains that stands between us.

Our residents enjoy living in one of the most affordable areas of California. This is especially impressive when you consider our proximity to metropolitan San Bernadino only 40 minutes away. Many newer three bedroom homes can be obtained for under $300,000 on large lots and parcels.
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In 1988, Bill Chin, an aerospace employee, decided to leave the working world and start a new life in the High Desert. Educated with a computer science degree, he decided to start a small business in something he was familiar with.

In the early years, the business depended mainly on school contracts and local businesses. Slowly, the local residence began coming in for service and repairs.

Today, the business is one of the High Desert's leading computer and software retail store offering sales and service. It has been recognized by the local Chamber as Business of the Year.
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